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Miami Minutes

A movies by minutes podcast

Jan 28, 2023

We hear a phone ringing: it’s Jeff trying to get hold of Yashito, but he’s tied up with some business. Like, ninja business or what? Or is he just playing hard to get? You cheeky scamp you! I prefer Horsemen business myself (deep cut).

We also see Yashito's pretty sweet digs. This guy is rolling in the dough and...

Jan 21, 2023

The group of shady characters approach our club owner and things get heated FAST. It turns out they've been fired by him and they want payback, damn it - no kiddie songs with these guys, no siree!

Our guy isn't gonna take it, however... he's ready to thrown down! CATCH THESE HANDS, CHUMP!

Next time they're gonna kill...

Jan 14, 2023

Two households, both alike in dignity,

In fair Miami... or Orlando... where we lay our scene,

Quarrelling over tender hearts, familial mutiny,

Our star-cross'd lovers are not scared of getting mean - NOT AT ALL!

The next episode follows in one week, friends!

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Jan 7, 2023

Jeff and co. roll into view in their swanky Merc. Either crime pays or they're thieves with an eye for quality.

He isn't happy though - he ain't having his sister hanging out with this son of a bitch! NO FRIENDS ALLOWED! And if you wanna test him you'll get smacked straight down, fool. Don't mess with GI Action Joe...