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Miami Minutes

A movies by minutes podcast

Feb 25, 2023

This exhibition of rock excellence from the Dragon crew continues as they double down on their pledge to eradicate the ninja menace once and for all... all while wearing snazzy trousers and wanking that fretboard! Lovely stuff.


The next episode follows in one week, friends!

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Feb 18, 2023

Florida is just rife with people being slain left, right and centre it seems. So much so that these rockin' kids are taking those damn murdering ninjas to task! IN SONG!

To render this evil war no more Dragon Sound hit the stage and prepare to even up the score. It's not just being superstars that's a way of life for...

Feb 11, 2023

The gang hit the stage once more, this time to declare their life's goal: TO DESTROY ALL NINJAS! Ninjas suck, yo.

This group of college kids also vow to defeat the entire concept of sin, which is a pretty lofty ambition to be perfectly honest. 

Kick, punch, it's all in the mind...

The next episode follows in one week,...

Feb 4, 2023

We’re back as our ninja death squad are performing kata while Jeff and Yashito have an unusually formal meeting. Trying to impress somebody, guys? Laddie sees ya.

Anyway, the important thing is to stop Jane hanging around with that damn band! How can they control the area with a prominent pop-rock group there?