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Miami Minutes

A movies by minutes podcast

Aug 26, 2023

We’re back as the King of Parkour debuts this new artform. He’s rushing to tell his boys - Dragon Sound are here and they’re looking to FIGHT!

Jack is psyching himself up for the rumble ahead - he's gonna chop that confidence right into himself!

As the crew arrive there's a tense stalemate... who will make the...

Aug 19, 2023

Our evil doers might look relaxed but they're also ready to roll. ready to rumble, ready to RIOT! Once Dragon Sound arrive on the scene they're dead meat - click, click.

The boys aren't afraid though - they're on there way and they're down to clown. Mark is suited and booted - the war is on.

The next episode follows in...

Aug 12, 2023

Jeff is being a bit of a scamp and his sister tells him to just stop it, alright? Don't be a meanie! I'm not sure she's really 'getting' the gravity of this whole situation...

The big bro goes into full on control mode - do what I say and everything will be fine. No more hanging out with crap musicians - only good ones,...

Aug 5, 2023

We’re back as the gang have found a mysterious note left on their car. It's Jeff and he wants to meet at the railroad tracks. There are only two real outcomes from that... fightin' or lovin'. Which will it be dude?

Jane heads down to the gym to set her brother straight. Leave those kids alone! No hugs for you...